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HLB Jivanjee and Company provide their clients with a comprehensive range of business and financial services in addition to the audit, accounting and computer accounting services that are central to our practice.

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Internal Audit

The overall objectives of an internal audit is to suggest improvements in the functioning of the entity and to strengthen the internal controls system.

Internal audit services rendered by us will therefore help the entity in the following manner.

  • Indentify areas of system improvements and strengthening.
  • Assessing the risk involved and evaluate the adequacies of the prevalent internal controls.
  • Ensuring proper identification of liabilities including contingent liabilities.
  • Safeguarding the assets of the company.
  • Ensuring compliances with the guidelines and policies of the company.
  • Ensuring adequacy of informaiton systems security and control.
  • Review adequacy and reliability of management information system.
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